JawZ Adapter

We realize that your phone is one of your favorite accessories and you like to dress it accordingly. Some prefer thin and stylish cases, others like bulky and protective, and some even prefer no case at all. This is why we now include the GRIP&SHOOT JawZ.

Two spring loaded jaws extend out to accommodate multiple sized phones and cases. JawZ is over-molded with durable no-slip rubber to grip your phone safely and securely. And when not in use, JawZ folds flat and can be tossed right in your pocket. JawZ will fit ANY phone or case up to 3.5" wide.

Grip Adapter

The Grip Adapter can be attached to any Device Stand with a ¼”-20 thread such as the Square Jellyfish, Glif, or Joby Micro Stand. This can help you attach an iPad Mini to the GRIP&SHOOT!

Removable Stand

The Removable Stand can be used on its own or to connect your phone/device to any standard tripod! Purchase an extra Removable Stand so that it can “live” on your tripod, or simply because you’ve misplaced your original.

Retractable Tether

The GRIP&SHOOT Retractable Tether keeps your device close by so you never miss a shot. Attach it to your belt, purse, or anywhere it’s convenient! The tether extends 36 inches so that you can shoot photos and video while the device is securely attached to your side.

Cold Shoe Adapter (coming soon)

The cold shoe adapter can be mounted to the bottom of the Bluetooth Smart Grip. It can be used to hold a light panel, microphone, or anything that fits inside a standard coldshoe.

Coming Soon