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Professional mobile media.

All from one device.

Take full control of your media with the device that does it all. Instantly improve your photos & video with one-handed stabilization. Never have to touch your screen by using advanced Wireless controls. Remove the tripod stand & go remote. Wirelessly control Zoom, Capture, Exposure, Video Modes & several other features over 100ft away!



Save time and money by streamlining the patient image process.



Advanced controls at your fingertips

Smoother & more professional video

Complete one-handed control

Instantly connects to any phone

Fits in your pocket

Go remote

Becomes it's own stand

Wirelessly control capture, zoom, exposure, video, & more

Be your own camera crew

Works over 100ft away


Big power,

small size.

Wirelessly control every feature within the free GRIP&SHOOT App.

GRIP&SHOOT in the App Store

Are you ready to take your mobile media to the next level? CAGE allows you to add microphones, lights, lenses, anything you need to share your vision. Go from Hand-held to Tripod mounted in seconds. With an aircraft aluminum frame and endless mounting features, CAGE is the ultimate mobile rig.


With the right tools, it's amazing what people are capable of. Meet some talented individuals who are using GRIP&SHOOT to enhance both their life stories and businesses.

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