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Open the App, and GRIP&SHOOT instantly connects to your phone with one click. Free the buttons from your screen with controls positioned exactly where you need them. Easily (and wirelessly) control your Camera's Zoom, Video Modes, Crop Size, Exposure, & several other pre-programmed functions.


GRIP&SHOOT on iTunes

Other compatible Apps:

645 Pro Mk III App Icon

645 Pro Mk III

645 PRO Mk III has been designed, from the ground up, for professional and serious amateur photographers. 

PureShot is your top-quality filter-free app. It helps you capture digital photographs with the highest possible technical integrity

PureShot App Icon


Vizzywig 4k App Icon

vizzywig 4k

Vizzywig 4K is the first all-in-one movie-making application that combines recording and editing in the camera view.

Teleprompt+ 3 is a professional teleprompter for iOS. Perfect for anyone wanting a powerful visual aid while engaged in a public speaking activity.

Teleprompt+ 3 App Icon

teleprompt+ 3